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4 Air Conditioner Cleaning Tips: Lower the Cost of Appliance Repair in Calgary

Are you looking for appliance repair in Calgary now that your AC unit is starting to breathe its last breaths? Whether you realize it or not, the reality is that the relationship between the air conditioner and the homeowner is a codependent one; you need it to keep you cool and comfy through the summer months, and it needs you to treat it to a cleaning every so often. Of course, it’s an inanimate object, so the only person you punish by neglecting cleaning and maintenance duties is yourself! If you ignore your home appliance repair duties, you can expect a humid home, inflated energy bill, and even mold problems.

Do yourself a favour and take the time to set your air conditioner straight. Whether you need professional appliance repair services in Calgary, or simply need to give your AC some TLC, we can help! Read on for 4 simple appliance cleaning and maintenance tips, or call 587-410-2475 for a free quote for more serious repairs!

Give your air filter a monthly cleaning.

This may feel like something better left to your appliance repair experts, but it’s not too tough a task for you! Generally speaking, most AC models have the air filter beneath the front panel. It is relatively easy to access. Once you’ve removed it, clean it gently with warm water and dish soap, and then let it air dry completely before reattaching it. You should try to get this cleaning done once every month during the cooling season where it will be working its’ hardest. Pets or allergens in the home will usually call for more frequent cleanings.

If you notice any tears, holes, or other visible damages, a replacement will be required. In this case, you will need the help of prompt, licensed, professionals – get your free quote and book same-day service at First Aid Appliance Repair.

Insect inspect up next.

Uncovered air conditioning units are the perfect nesting grounds for all manner of insect invaders. You will need to check for wasp and bee nests inside. If they are present (and active) you will need to contact a pest control service, but if the nest is empty then you can clean it out either yourself, or with the help of one of Calgary’s appliance repair specialists found at First Aid Appliance Repair.

To avoid these problems in the future, make sure to cover up your AC unit when out of use.

Clean your condenser coils.

Once per season, you need to clean off the condenser coils. Dust and dirt builds up inside the cooling appliance over time, forcing your AC unit to work harder to remove heat. This can cost you a lot of money in utility fees.

To prevent this, clean your coils once per season. Remove the air conditioner’s cabinet completely to access the coils, then blow compressed air at them. Be as delicate as possible, as these aluminum coil fins bend very easily. You should also clean away any dirt or lint that has accumulated in the bottom of the unit.

Clean the water pan.

This is one of the single most important things you can do to prevent the onset of mold growth in the home. Use warm water, dish detergent, or white vinegar to clean out the base of your air conditioner and pan any time you take apart the unit to clean the coils.

These simple cleaning and maintenance tips should start you on your way. In addition to their lifespan-enhancing effect, these cleaning tasks will give you a chance to inspect your AC unit and assess whether you need to contact appliance repair professionals. If that is the case, don’t force your family to wait for a comfortable home interior – contact First Aid appliance repair in Calgary for same-day service! Visit First Aid Appliance Repair or call us at 587-410-2475.

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