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4 Fridge Cleaning and Inspection Tips: Save Money on Fridge Repair in Cochrane

The refrigerator is one of the most fundamental appliances needed for a household to function. Without a fridge, fresh food is hard to come by, but a faulty fridge that’s still running can be even more disruptive to the health of your family. Mold problems, the dangers of Freon leaks, and the escalating cost of your energy bill are all problems you might face if you can’t find qualified fridge repair in Cochrane.

But how do you know when fridge repair services are needed? You will need to maintain a cleaning and maintenance schedule, but don’t worry – it’s easy! Not only will the following 5 cleaning and maintenance strategies delay the need for fridge repair by keeping its components running smoothly, but it will give you a chance to inspect every part up close so that you can address any problems that arise right away. Read on to learn 4 cleaning and maintenance strategies, courtesy of First Aid’s fridge repair experts!

Treat the condenser coils to two cleaning each year.

Condenser coils draw heat from the fridge and freezer – without them, your food will spoil in a hurry. Condenser are large in size and look like radiator parts. They’re usually found at the back of your fridge, or underneath where they are victimized by dust mites. When covered in dust, these coils struggle to do their job, which leads to energy consumption problems while also giving you a suboptimal cooling effect.

You should always consult the owner’s manual first, but cleaning is quite simple. Use a long-handled bristle brush and vacuum the coils clean of any dust and lint that has gathered.  

Clean and replace the gasket if your seal is imperfect.

That rubber seal surrounding your fridge’s interior door frame is what we call the gasket. This humble piece of rubber plays a very important role in your fridge’s cooling function. Without the seal that the gasket creates, cool air is allowed to escape, while warm air enters easily into your fridge’s cavity. Sometimes a simple cleaning is all it needs, but many gaskets weaken within just a few years. If you notice that your gasket is weak, torn, or loose, then it is time to contact a fridge repair professional in your area.

Defrost your freezer.

If the frost has built up inside your freezer by more than half an inch, it is time to defrost. For manual defrost appliances, remove all food items and unplug your unit until this coating has melted away. Once melted, turn back on, wait until operational temperature has been reached, and restock.

For self-defrosting appliances, you shouldn’t need to do anything. Your fridge will heat every 6-8 hours to melt any frost away. This melt drains into a shallow pan underneath your appliance. In this case, your focus should shift towards cleaning out this shallow pan. Bacteria can grow here and begin to smell. Consult your owner’s manual for specific instruction, though this pan is often accessible by sliding it towards you after detaching the lower grill.

Clean the inside out!

Every week, you should take a damp cloth to the inside of your fridge to remove any stuck-on stains or food particles that you find there. All-purpose cleaner can be used here. This step is mostly about deodorizing and sanitation, but it also gives you an excellent chance to observe your fridge up close. Look closely and see if the racks, lighting, and internal temperature is in order. If you find that some of these components are malfunctioning, then fridge repair services may be needed. By checking up on your fridge with a weekly cleaning, you can stay on top of any drops in performance and avoid expensive fridge repair service costs.

These 4 simple cleaning and maintenance tips will help you keep an eye on your fridge so that costly repairs and replacements can be avoided. First Aid Appliance Repair is standing by 24/7 to address any and all of your fridge repair needs in Cochrane. Visit First Aid Appliance Repair to learn more about our affordable fridge repair service and to take advantage of a free estimate now!

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