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5 Ways to Lower the Cost of Microwave Repair in Calgary

The microwave has been a staple around the home since the 1950’s when the first “radarange” was introduced by Percy Spencer. Since then, the counter top microwave has remained a fixture in homes, hotel rooms, and dorms across the world.

Though microwaves are used everywhere, we often pay them little attention since microwave repair seems so rare. Because of their ease of use, microwaves inspire myths about how they never need a tune up or treatment from a microwave repair service in Calgary. This isn’t the case; in fact, microwave repair in Calgary costs Canadians lots of money every year.

Fortunately, there are some simple cleaning and maintenance tips that can keep your microwave running for longer so that you aren’t inconvenienced by unexpected costs. Follow these 5 strategies to lower the cost of your microwave repair in Calgary!

Wipe down regularly.

When cooking or warming dishes uncovered for too long or at high heats, food starts to splatter. This can build up over time, forcing you to pay for microwave repairs sooner as the radiation burns spattered food into the appliance’s walls. The solution is pretty straightforward: simply take a damp cloth doused in mild detergent and wipe down the microwave’s interior once per week. Don’t forget to lift the turntable so that you can scoop up any crumbs that have strayed below. If you have neglected this chore for some time, you may need to invest in a professional microwave cleaning. Contact our team for microwave repair and cleaning in Calgary.

Inspect the door’s latch.

You can test the latch action by opening and closing the microwave door a few times. This may seem minor and unimportant because it has little to do with the microwave’s internal components, but this latch is the first line of defense responsible for keeping all radiation secured within your appliance. A worn latch won’t seal properly, and will require the attention of microwave repair experts immediately.

Check the electrical cords.

Pull your microwave out from the wall and inspect the electrical cords for any cracks, exposed wiring, or other damages. These cords are commonly pinched in place when the microwave is moved or pushed into place. Make sure that this is not happening, and take this opportunity to wipe any dust away to make your inspection easier. If you notice minor damage, contact our team right away to save yourself a hefty repair or replacement cost in the future.

Clean the exhaust vents thoroughly.

Your microwave will have one or exhaust vents located on the top, front side, or backside, depending on your microwave model. Unplug the microwave and take a close look at these vents, ensuring that they are cleared of any dust or debris. Grease and spilled food particles often accumulate here, causing problems with overheating that can damage internal components. You can vacuum any dust away and wipe off grease with a damp cloth.

Listen to the turntable.

The only sound you should hear when your microwave is engaged is the telltale hum of its heating action. If you can hear the turntable plinking around, lurching, or sticking in place, then stop the microwave and inspect the center point. Crumbs, grease, and other food particles sometimes lodge beneath the turntable, interfering with its rotational action. Clean out any debris and carry on as usual.

These five cleaning and maintenance tips will help add some years to your microwave’s lifespan, but they won’t extend it indefinitely. When you finally do need a tune-up, choose the First Aid Appliance team for same-day microwave repair in Calgary! Call 1-888-484-9993 to learn more.

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