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Advice from our Microwave Repair Team in Calgary: 4 Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Have you had a bad experience trying to find microwave repair in Calgary in the past?

Ever since its inception in the 1950s, the microwave has been a fixture of the average household routine, and repair services have been in high demand. Whether you are giving new life to a stale cup of coffee, zapping a bag of popcorn for a quick and healthy snack, or warming up plates of leftovers for the family, the microwave is the first choice.

Accordingly, microwave repair in Calgary is a vital service that the First Aid team strives to make as easy and reliable as possible for you. When it comes to microwave repair, the First Aid team has invested considerable resources and effort to ensure that it’s done right; when you call 1-888-484-9993, you can rest assured that you are scheduling a qualified and fully insured microwave repair service. Our technicians have years of experience with a wide variety of makes and models, which means we are comfortable handling any appliance you put in front of us. Additionally, we have spread our technicians throughout Calgary to ensure that our experts are never far – this strategic approach has helped us offer high-quality, same-day service that our competition couldn’t dream of.

As part of this ethic, our team would like to offer 4 easy cleaning and maintenance tips that you can use to minimize the need for microwave repair in the future. If you are worried about having to spend money on microwave repair in Calgary, then these simply cleaning and maintenance strategies will help you keep your appliances running smoothly for as long as possible.

  • Microwave cleaning shortcut. The fastest way to clean your microwave requires that you use paper towels, though you may be surprised exactly how. Rather than scrubbing in the usual way, try wetting a handful of paper towels, throwing the clump into the microwave, and running the appliance on high for 3-5 minutes. The steam that this generates will soften stuck-on grime so that it is easily wiped away.
  • Season your greasy spills. If your microwave is splattered with greasy stains due to overcooking or improperly covering a dish, it is in your best interest to stop those stains from baking on right away rather than struggling later. If you notice grease splatters but don’t have time to clean them up, simply sprinkle some salt on the area. This will stop the stain from baking on.
  • Baking soda to the rescue (again). Baking soda is really an all-purpose household item, and it shows its value once again in warding off the need for microwave repair in Calgary. Make a paste of 2 parts baking soda to 1 part water and apply it to the rigid goop that has formed at the base of your microwave. This hardened goop can interfere with the turning action of your turntable, and otherwise interfere with the proper operation of your microwave. After you’ve applied this paste, run the microwave for 5-6 minutes, wet a sponge, and remove any leftover residue with paper towel.
  • Give your microwave a luxury steam bath. Sometimes, the gunk that builds up on the sides of your microwave is just too strong to waver in the face of conventional cleaning methods. Sponges, paper towels, and wire brushes can’t handle this caliber of crusty mess, and that’s where the steam power comes into play. Fill a heatproof glass bowl with water and nuke it on high for 2 minutes. Once the timer expires, leave the door shut for another two minutes – the steam will transform caked-on stains, reconstituting it with hot moisture so that it is easily wiped away.


Following these 4 microwave cleaning and maintenance strategies will keep your appliance in shape. Minimize microwave repair costs by following this simple guide. If your microwave has begun to give you trouble, then it may be time to invest in a professional microwave repair in Calgary.

Visit to learn more about our fast, affordable, and reliable same-day microwave repair service!

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