Common Dryer Problems and Repairs


So, it happened; you are being forced to deal with a broken down dryer. Some causes are more obvious than others; old age, neglected maintenance, and heavy usage are problems you can predict, but some issues tougher to diagnose. Whatever the case may be, our LG dryer repair experts in Calgary are ready to give you a hand with your dryer repair needs.

We at First Aid Appliance Repair understand the toll a broken down dryer can have on you. It can be overwhelming to juggle your day-to-day responsibilities while also dealing with a broken down appliance. A broken dryer needs immediate attention, and we’re standing by for an immediate response.

Whether you want to tackle a risky DIY repair, or inform your diagnoses for when help does arrive, our LG dryer repair experts have compiled a list of common problems and troubleshooting tips.

Is your dryer doing nothing at all?

There may be several reasons for this issue. First, check the outlet that your dryer is plugged into as it may be a power source problem. Start by plugging something small into the outlet to see if there is power. If the problem is not the outlet, check the door switch or start switch. The dryer will not work unless the door is closed completely, and if there is an obstruction preventing the door from closing, it’s an easy fix. A troublesome fuse or thermostat can also be the cause of your problems.

Is your dryer refusing to heat up?

In this case, the trouble could be a broken heating element or burner. If this is not fixed right away, the wiring could further degrade over time. Your LG dryer repair expert will identify and fix this immediately to ensure your safety. The ignitor or other inner wiring may also be responsible.

Is your dryer not tumbling?

If your dryer will not tumble, consider a broken or worn out belt piece. The belt is located around the drum on the inside of the appliance itself. This is a very common problem and is easily fixed by LG dryer repair experts in no time.

Besides a broken or damaged belt, glides, rollers, and the motor of your dryer may also be to blame. This is also an invasive process but quick and simple for our repair technicians.

Remember: all dryers should be maintained at the first sign of trouble, and must be cleaned regularly to lower your chances of encountering major problems.

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