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What’s Wrong With My Washer? Repair Information!

Common Washer Problems:

Not all washers are the same, not all washers run the same, but all washers can, at times, experience the same range of problems. All kinds of appliances are susceptible to needing appliance repair at some point. Sometimes there can be no rhyme or reason behind the malfunction; these things happen. Washers are something we use on a regular basis, clean clothes are a necessity for the average family. Washing machines can be a little tricky due to their many moving parts; our experts on appliance repair in Calgary have compiled a list of the most common washer issues, read to get to the root of your washer problem:

Washer not turning on

It started as a good day, you gathered all the loose laundry, walked proudly into your laundry room and breathed a sigh of “I am super-mom”. You loaded it all in and flipped the switch, ready to move on to your next task when suddenly, absolutely nothing happened. Literally nothing. No water source, no noise, no wash. Your super-mom sigh turned into an exhale of frustration. Today of all days. What is going on? You ask yourself.

Typically, when the washing machine will not start, the problem is internal and requires the appliance to be repaired professionally. First things first, check the outlet to make sure your washer is in fact plugged in. This is too common of a problem not to mention. If the appliance is plugged in, plug something else into it such as a blowdryer to be sure it is working in order.

There may be any of the following problems, such as a circuit breaker, a fuse box, or the lid switch. The lid switch is located directly underneath the lid and controls the sensor for the washer to start. If this is the problem it is a simple fix. Other times a new fuse box or circuit breaker may need to be installed.

Washer will not drain

Flashback to another scenario; your washer started, washed, and all was well…until it wasn’t. You opened the lid, ready to pull out your clean garments and instead your hand was submerged in soapy, dirty water. What a day.

A common and simply fixed reasoning behind drainage difficulties is a clogged hose. Consider the amount of lint that escapes the lint filters, the long hair you and your daughter shed, the particles and debris on your son’s soccer shorts; it’s a wonder a clog ever occurred before.

If not a clog, a hose can easily become kinked, leading to no water being allowed through to properly drain. These kinds of backups will have technicians in and out. If you suspect a kink or a clog, appliance repair experts in Calgary can help you to open up your machine and remove the suspects easily.

The random part malfunctions

Washer repair is not only internal. Some common problems consist of things from the outside perspective. Maybe your super-mom-super-strength was a little too strong and you accidentally pulled a turn knob or a switch clean off. Maybe your washer is a senior citizen and a latch or handle has broken. These small repairs are no big deal for the experts on appliance repair in Calgary. Our vans come stocked with everything we need to complete your repair, no matter how big or small.

Washer repair can seem daunting, there are a lot of parts to be considered. Looking at it all together it can be hard to tell which hose is which, what knob goes where and what all those wires are for. We at First Aid Appliance Repair recognize that even super-moms need a sidekick every now and then.

If you are in need of reliable appliance repair in Calgary, Call First Aid Appliance Repair today for your free quote at (587) 410-2475!

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