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Strathmore Appliance Repair

Do you need home appliance repairs in Strathmore? First Aid Appliance Repair is for you! Want to learn more? Continue reading below or call one of our client care specialists at (888) 508-8270!

Why Pick First Aid Appliance Repair?

We Offer Same-Day and Emergency Repairs

First Aid Appliance Repair has strategically situated fully stocked repair vans with skilled technicians all throughout the Strathmore area. A First Aid Appliance Repair technician is ready to take your service call. Other appliance repair companies will have you wait around while they not only find a technician available, but you will also have to wait for the delivery of your replacement parts! First Aid Appliance repair effectively gets rid of this unneeded wait time. We service all appliance and are open during evenings, weekends, and holidays. Get your fridge, dishwasher, stove, dryer, oven, or washer serviced today in a timely and affordable manner!

All Of Our Technicians Are Licensed and Insured

First Aid Appliance Repair proudly offers the help of only fully insured and licensed repair technicians. Each and every repair professional we employ is fully trained to repair any and all home appliances. This helps ensure that your service repair is not only efficient, but also effective and successful. Our positive results and satisfied customers speak for themselves, First Aid Appliance Repair technicians are the most reliable technicians available!

We Offer Simple and Hassle Free Repairs

Our satisfaction guarantee exists for a reason; we are proud of the services we perform. All repairs done by First Aid Appliance Repair promise satisfaction and only the best results. We keep our replacement parts fully stocked to ensure that repairs can be done on a same-day basis. Your appliance will always be repaired on our first (and only) visit, letting you get your life back on track. Do not let the stress of a broken home appliance hold you and your household back any longer, contact First Aid Appliance Repair for your estimate now!

Strathmore Appliance Repair

First Aid Appliance Repair in Strathmore is available evening, weekends, and holidays to repair your broken down home appliance. We service all neighbourhoods in Strathmore in a timely fashion. Our fullys tocked van filled with replacement parts ensure that you are never left waiting for your home appliance repair or service. Do you need a home appliance repair? Call First Aid Appliance Repair today!

Strathmore Fridge Repair

First Aid Appliance Repair is always available for affordable fridge repair in Strathmore. With the use of our licensed technicians and our fully stocked repair vans, we can ensure a prompt and speedy service. Our replacement parts come from the top appliance manufacturers, ensuring that your fridge is up and running in no time. Call First Aid Appliance Repair today for more details!

Strathmore Washer Repair

First Aid Appliance Repair is here to service any and all washers in the Strathmore area. Do not be downtrodden by a broken washer, get it repaired today at unbelievably low rates! Contact First Aid Appliance Repair with all your washer repair needs now!

Strathmore Dryer Repair

First Aid Appliance Repair is proudly available evenings, weekends, and even holidays to service and repair your dryer! If you are located in the Strathmore region, make sure to contact First Aid Appliance Repair for your one stop shop for all dryer repair issues! Our licensed and insured technicians will provide the most reliable service and repairs available.

Strathmore Dishwasher Repair

Are you in need of emergency dishwasher repair? You’re in luck. First Aid Appliance Repair has a fully stocked repair van that is ready to repair your dishwasher at a moment’s notice. Our skilled technicians treat your appliances as their own, and they are in the safest of hands.

Strathmore Stove Repair

Our trained technicians are strategically placed around Strathmore with fully stocked repair vans, ready to service your broken down stove! Trust only First Aid Appliance Repair today for your nest stove service. Call us today for an estimate on any and all stove makes and models!

Strathmore Oven Repair

First Aid Appliance Repair is available everyday, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, to service and repair your oven. We repair all makes and models of ovens. Are you seeking the most trusted and reliable oven repair in Strathmore? Look no further. A simple call to First Aid Appliance Repair will ensure a prompt and speedy repair of your oven!

Are you seeking affordable, reliable, and warrantied repairs in Strathmore? Get it all today! Want to learn more? Call us at 1-888-484-9993 today and get your estimate!