Washing Tips for Washing Machines

How To Maximize Your Washer Efficiency & Avoid Washer Repair Cost In Calgary.

Over time your washer is bound to run into a hiccup or two, especially as it begins to age. By using your machine properly, and performing regular maintenance, you can not only get cleaner clothes, but extend the life of your washing machine as well. Keep reading for washing tips that will not only help your clothes come out cleaner, but will ensure your washer lasts longer as well.

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Don’t Overload

Putting too many clothes to your washer can actually damage the machine. When water is added to the clothes it increases their weight, and if there is too much weight, it means that the drum is not able to spin properly. Not only does this mean that the clothes aren’t getting cleaned properly, it also means that the machine will experience more issues over time. Your clothes should fill the washer drum, but you should not have to shove them in tightly.

Use the Correct Speed

Just like making sure you select the correct load size, you need to make sure that you are using the correct spinning speed for the size of the load you are washing. The machine will start to experience malfunctions If you are constantly using the high spinning speeds to wash your loads even if it’s unnecessary. This could potentially damage your washer in the long run if you constantly have it on the wrong speed. Using the right speed will not only keep your clothing lasting longer, but it will keep your washer lasting longer as well.

washer repair services calgaryUse the Right Detergent

Some detergents will work better in certain washers. For instance, detergent that is made for high-efficiency machines will work better than any regular brand of detergent. You should also make sure to use the correct amount, as using too much will create extra suds and can leave your “clean” clothes soapy after the cycle, which will mean you have to put them in longer. But using too little won’t clean your clothes at all. Using too much can also lead to mold if it is not cleaned properly. Be sure to check the label of the detergent carefully and see if it is compatible with your washing machine.

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